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Podcast Episode 42 – RPG Basics – Creating Compelling Player Characters

The first in our series covering the basics of tabletop role playing games - we start with the players, and offer up our tips on how to create compelling player characters. We take you through how to consider rules, background,…

Podcast Episode 41 – Mutant Year Zero: Genlab Alpha Mega Review

This week sees us take a full, in-depth look at Mutant Year Zero: Genlab Alpha, the post-apocalyptic tabletop role playing game (RPG) from Modiphius and Free League/Fria Ligan. We're proud to have our gaming group's DM, and the group's newest…

Ice Cool Video Review – Penguin High School Drama With Added Flicking!

The Critical Twits review Ice Cool, a skill-based board game designed by Brian Gomez and published by Brain Games. Players take turns flicking their penguins around an Antarctic High School, trying to sneak some excess fish (or playing as the…

Podcast Episode 40 – Deck Building, From Dominion to Mystic Vale

  This week we take a look at the modern board game phenomenon that is the deck building game. We look more closely at Rio Grande's Dominion and Arctic Scavengers, TMG's Cthulhu Realms, and AEG's card crafting game Mystic Vale.…

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The Critical Twits is a gaming podcast founded in 2015. We currently release a weekly podcast with a rolling schedule of Roleplaying, Malifaux, Netrunner and Boardgames. We also occasionally cover video games with Let's Plays and the retro Test of Time series.