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Podcast Episode 31 – UK Games Expo Part 2

We went to the UK games Expo, we saw a lot of dice, but did we conquer? Find out here as Friend of Podcast Joe Lewin relives his UK Dice Masters Nationals 2016 experience, and interviews the charming Dice Masters…

Dark Souls 3 Twitch Highlights with Aaron

The Critical Twits hit Twitch for the release of Dark Souls 3, with Aaron bravely taking on the game sight unseen. Here's our highlights reel of the first section of the game, cut down to the funniest and most interesting…

Podcast Episode 30 – UK Games Expo Special Part 1

This week we discuss our experience of the 2016 UK Games Expo and bring forth a mighty collection of interviews and recommendations. We talk about how we found the Expo and highlight some upcoming game releases. These include our game…

Podcast Episode 29 – John Robertson in Conversation

The Critical Twits caught up with comedian John Robertson, creator of the Dark Room, at the 2016 UK Games Expo for an interview. We talk games, underpants, tattoos, and life in general with this incredibly funny man. Please be aware…

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