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Stick Shift – The Autoerotic Ballardian Car Sex Simulator Let’s Play

Stick Shift is an "autoerotic night-driving game about pleasuring a gay car" - join the two best members (no pun intended) of the Critical Twits for our deeply-probing Let's Play

Podcast Episode 28 – Dice Masters Tournament Training

Friend of Podcast, Joe, takes us through some of the tactics and teams needed for hardcore competitive Dice Masters. Listen on Soundcloud Watch on Youtube Or subscribe on iTunes!

Podcast Episode 27 – UK Games Expo Preview

A preview of the UK Games Expo held at the NEC in Birmingham where we discuss the games and events we are most looking forward to, alongside revelations about our anti-social attitudes. We'll be tweeting live on the day through…

Podcast Episode 26: Malifaux Shifting Loyalties Part 3

We're back with the third round of our Malifaux: Shifting Loyalties campaign log, and this week we're looking at the variant rules, the boards we've built, and linking our campaign to our brand-new Through The Breach tabletop role playing game…

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The Critical Twits is a gaming podcast founded in 2015. We currently release a weekly podcast with a rolling schedule of Roleplaying, Malifaux, Netrunner and Boardgames. We also occasionally cover video games with Let's Plays and the retro Test of Time series.