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How to Keep Your Campaign Alive – RPG Basics (Critical Twits Podcast #102)

In this episode of RPG basics, Brian and Aaron discuss how to keep a campaign going when problems start appearing. Things such as loss of interest, loss of players, loss of party cohesion. You'd be lost without us.

Critical Twits Preview – Elite: Dangerous Battle Cards

Brian and Aaron from the Critical Twits sat down with the designer of Elite: Dangerous Battle Cards, a new tabletop card game from Spidermind Games, the team that brought you the Elite Dangerous Tabletop RPG. Elite: Dangerous Battle Cards will…

Critical Twits meet RPG Designer Grant Howitt at the UK Games Expo 2018

We stopped by the UK Indie RPG League table at the UK Games Expo to hear all about Grant Howitt's eclectic collection of RPGs including the new urban fantasy-punk RPG, Spire!

Free RPG Day 2018

Every year on the third Saturday of June it is Free RPG Day. Established in 2007, the goal of the day is to get more people out to their Friendly Local Gaming Store and get involved with Role-playing. Unfortunately for some…

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