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The Joy of Lying (To Your Friends) – Podcast 107

Lying - a terrible, hurtful, nasty thing to do, or a great way to have fun with your friends? Brian and Aaron take you through their favourite lying, bluffing, social deduction games.

Livestream highlights: Hunting Showdowns – Hunt: Showdown – ep1

More Twitch stream highlights, this time of the first of Brian and Joe's hunts in, erm, Hunt: Showdown. See panic, musical interludes and virtual animal cruelty.

A Couple of Twits Play Assassin’s Creed Origins – Livestream Highlights – Ep 1

Highlights of the very first A Couple of Twits Play livestream, gaming with a couple. See the chronicles of Bayek, the world's worst tomb raider (in Aaron's hands) and join Wife of Twit in questioning some of the fundamentals of…

A Couple of Twits Play Assassin’s Creed: Origin – Somebody skipped a bit

Catch up with last week's A Couple of Twits Play livestream, where Aaron fails to multitask and Wife of Twit bribes the cats into being quiet(er).

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