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World Building for Tabletop Games – RPG Basics (Critical Twits Podcast #69)

In this very special lost episode, Brian and Jamie discuss world building for tabletop RPGs. A vivid, consistent setting is the solid foundation from which all good role playing campaigns are built, so join us for our top tips on…

Fallout 76!? Your Guide to the 71 Missing Fallout Games

If you’re anything like us here at the Critical Twits, you greeted the announcement that the sequel to Fallout 4 will be Fallout 76 by asking yourself: “Where did the all those other Fallout games go?” Don’t worry, we’ve got…

Let’s Play Cultist Simulator #3 – So Bright, So Young, So Thing

Brian was a bright young thing once. Thanks to the wonders of modern gaming he will relive those halcyon days - but will he squander his potential or go gibbering mad in this latest episode of Cultist Simulator?

End The Run: Netrunner Flatlined (Netrunner Noobs – Critical Twits Podcast #103)

Join Aaron and Brian with guests Simon and Kar as they say so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen and goodbye to Netrunner, our favourite card game which is sadly being discontinued by FFG after they lost the IP rights. Listen as…

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