2 Player Tabletop Games: The Sequel – Codinca, SuperHot & Fugitive (CT Podcast #104)

This week’s podcast sees Aaron and Brian discuss more 2 player tabletop games. The puzzle based Codinca, the puzzle based Fugitive, and the puzzle based SuperHot. Accidental double synergy feature! Now in glorious audio/visual format for those of you who listen (and now watch!) on Youtube. Don’t worry faithful audio only listeners, the quality has remained the same for you.

You can find our 2 Player Tabletop Games: Part 1 here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9W1xQdDyJtU

Or here if you prefer audio only: https://soundcloud.com/criticaltwits/ep-25-2-player-tabletop-games-hive-crokinole-aeronauts


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