We Interview 12 Tabletop Podcasts at the Dragonmeet 2017 Podcast Zone! (Podcast #91)

We’re back at the Dragonmeet 2017 gaming convention in London for another year, where we were invited to join the #podcastzone. We decided to interview the other podcasts to find out why you should listen to them!

Join us as we endeavour to learn more about our fellow podcasters, discover tips for getting started with podcasting and find out answers to important questions, such as “If your podcast was a character from Friends, which character would it be and why?”


And here on iTunes!

Pretending with Dice (01:43)
How We Roll (06:10)
Dem Drunk Blokes do D&D (09:46)
Chimpions (22:23)
The Lucky Die (26:15)
Penance Podcast (28:47)
Demipia (32:16)
Baylor’s Blades (35:50)
Crudely Drawn Swords (41:40)
The Rolistes (49:54)
The Formal Gamer (59:11)
Wizard on the Wynd (1:06:33)
The Coriolis Effect (1:14:29)


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