Malifaux – Troubleshooters 3, Our First GG2018 Tournament (Podcast #94)

We headed out to our first Malifaux tournament with strangers, and also our first tournament with Gaining Grounds 2018: Troubleshooters 3 at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry. How did we fair in this fixed master tourny, you ask? Click and find out!


  1. First time listening to the Critical Twits. Recording quality was OK.

    Enjoyed the overall chat and the majority of points were valid (and yes, you don’t need to choose the red joker.

    When recounting tournament games it would be nice to name check your opponents. Either keep your score sheet or use which has a link through to bag o tools detailing every game.

    Hope to see you at Bonescon or Haul of Eggs

    • Thanks David! I (Brian) forgot to ask my opponents so decided that I didn’t want to upset anyone who hadn’t consented to be named – totally forgot the games are public record and therefore it’s cool, will definitely name-check them next time! We will definitely see you again 😀

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