Podcast Episode 6: Science Fiction Special

Using technology that would make 1950’s sci-fi authors run screaming, we talk about something the same decade would find old hat, boardgames. We discuss Arctic Scavengers, Twilight Imperium, Risk Legacy and Cosmic Encounter. Colin reveals himself as an evil time traveller, who still gets numbers wrong. We forgot to implant the shame gene into Aaron’s clone replacement. Brian becomes obsessed with opening boxes. We also attempt photosynthesis noises and discover life is too short for Micheal Bay.
Next we talk tabletop RPGs: Star Wars and Paranoia. Critical Twits Top Tips appears to explain how to make combat fun and engaging in role playing sessions. We also discuss what happened to the Halo series and our feelings about Metal Gear Solid 5.
We explore Colin’s cruelty as dungeon master, feel the emotion humans call sadness at the discovery clone Aaron has never played science fiction based RPGs, while Brian ensures trolls are put in their place.

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