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Android: Netrunner Actual Play #1 – A is for Argus, Apex, Apocalypse, and Argh!

In this Netrunner game, recorded on October 6th 2016, Joe takes on Brian in the first Critical Twits Actual Play. Brian is new to the game and learning how to play as Argus Security, part of Weyland Consortium, while Joe…

Podcast 49 – Are Digital Board Games Lost in Translation?

This is Board Talk for October 2016. We discuss the conversion of board games to video games and vice versa. What works well and what gets lost in translation? In this episode we discuss: Board games that started life as…

Podcast 48 – Netrunner Noobs 2 – Tentative Meta Penetration

We're back with the second part of our ongoing Netrunner feature. Find out how our noobs, Aaron and Brian, are doing, learn all about our favourite cards, bask in our recommendations for other Netrunner content creators and discover how our…

Podcast 47 – RPG Basics 2 – How To Run A Game

The second in our series covering the basics of tabletop role playing games - this week we cover the Dos and Don'ts of DMing, how to plan an effective campaign and the tools available to help you in running your…

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